Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jack Markow Cartoons and Profile

Jack Markow was one of the first faculty members of the School of Visual Arts, joining Burne Hogarth, Tom Gill and Jerry Robinson. Jack created the course in magazine cartooning and taught it for 8 years. A working cartoonist, his cartoons appeared in all of the major national magazines and advertising campaigns. He was cartoon editor at Argosy Magazine. He was the long-time columnist for Writer's Digest and Cartoonst PROfiles. Jack was also an artist. He had gallery shows in New York, and his work hangs in the Smithsonian, the Metropolitian Museum, and other venues. In 1979, he won the National Cartoonists Society Magazine Cartooning Division Award. He also wrote books on how to cartoon.

My folks bought me a copy of his DRAWING AND SELLING CARTOONS book when I was in elementary school.  And that may be Mr. Markow's legacy: his books on cartooning. Although out of print and dated, I keep running into his cartooning books at libraries and I see them in people's homes. They are keepers! Here are a few of his gag cartoons from the book, copyright 1956, 1964 Pitman Publishing Corp.

 Here's Jack Markow writing about his life in Cartoonist PROfiles #38, June 1978:



Jack's daughter has a Facebook page honoring her father here.

-- This is an edited version of an October 28, 2011 blog entry.

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