Monday, April 20, 2015

Art by Charles Geer: THAT SUMMER WITH LEXY!

Here is another book with illustrations by Charles Geer (1922-2008). (Last month I showed you some of his work from the children's book THE MYSTERY AT REDTOP HILL.)

THAT SUMMER WITH LEXY by Audrey McKim was published in 1964 by Abingdon Press. It's copyright that year by the author. The dust jacket and cloth book cover utilize an exclamation point at the end of the title, but the interior title page drops it. 

Plot: Lexy O'Connor and her friend Patty are starting an unexciting summer vacation at home in Edmonton, Ontario, when they

"… decide to earn money for allowances during the school year. A White Elephant Sale ends in near disaster when a neighbor's wedding ring is sold; their house-to-house photography business almost collapses when two picture become police evidence. A lot happens, but it's all told in uninspired prose. The laugh possibilities in this string of misfortunes may hold the youngest members of the age group." -- Kirkus

Here are some of the drawings from the book, all drawn in that loose but confident style of Mr. Geer's which I admire. Mr. Geer was born in Long Island, served in the navy in World War II, and then studied at Pratt. He settled in Rockland, Maine. You can see his love of trees, rocks and water in these drawings.


Smurfswacker said...

I love the lively body language and expressions. The second b&w drawing is especially nice.

Jo-Anne Farley said...

I read this book as a child and I was amazed to find a novel based in my own city, Edmonton! I recently re-read it, after discovering it at the local university. Thanks for posting Geer's illustrations - they look great! And, by the way, Edmonton is located in the province of Alberta, not Ontario as you've stated in your blog entry. :)