Thursday, April 23, 2015

Jonathan Winters, Cartoonist

I didn't know that Jonathan Winters had a book of cartoons.

Sure enough, he attended the Dayton Art Institute for two and a half years. And he drew his whole life. But this book, MOUSE BREATH, CONFORMITY AND OTHER SOCIAL ILLS, is the only published record of Mr. Winters' artistic chops.

My thanks to my pal John Klossner for letting me borrow his copy. As of now, you can find inexpensive copies of the 1965 hardcover published by Bobbs Merrill and copyright that same year by Wintergood Inc.

-- This is an edited version of a blog entry dated May 15, 2013.


Paul Giambarba said...

I first heard about this book from my editor at True who said Winters approached Schulz for an intro and got turned down because Sparky didn't think his work was professional. That was the gossip in the last century.

Anonymous said...

Love the mouse breath toon, and the abominable wife.

John R. Platt said...

I've been meaning to track this down for a while. He was an excellent cartoonist, as well as a really interesting painter. He published several books of his paintings. They're also the subject of an awful mockumentary that must never be seen.