Monday, May 18, 2015

MAD MEN: The Cartoons on Peggy Olson's Wall

It's so nice when you have a problem and someone just comes along and fixes it without you saying a thing.

On MAD MEN that there were these single panel cartoons on the wall of Peggy's office, but I could never get a good enough look at 'em to see what they were.

Ooh! It was quietly driving me crazy. Okay, granted: this is a pretty minor problem.

Enter New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator.

Joe not only did a great screen capture of those cartoons (above), but he also IDed the cartoons and writes about them at Michael Maslin's Inkspill blog. 

He got four of the eight cartoons. They are all from February and March 1969 New Yorker issues. The others were most likely from another magazine of the time and are not readily identifiable.

William Steig

Dana Fradon:

Dana Fradon:

 Warren Miller:

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