Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Some Photos From the 69th Annual National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards Weekend

Here are a few photos of some of the cartoonists at the 2015 Reubens.

Mort Drucker had a panel with John Reiner hosting. That's him on the left. And Mr. Drucker, Nick Meglin and Sam Viviano.

Our private bus to the Library of Congress got lost, so a lot of us were late to the King Features' 100th anniversary event.

Once at the LoC, we did get to see some wonderful original comic strip art culled from the Art Wood collection.

 SKIPPY by Percy Crosby

 POLLY AND HER PALS by Cliff Sterrett

The above is the original patent request by Richard Outcault for THE YELLOW KID!

Ray Alma, Anton Emdin, Sophie and Jason Chatfield

"Mr. King  Features" Joe D'Angelo and Bunny Hoest

Kerry G. Washington and the one and only Ray Billingsley.

My dear friends Margie and Mark Anderson.

My talented friend Juana Medina and myself.

That's Mo Willems and Patrick McDonnell. Sorry to say I am blanking on the very nice woman in the middle! 

Michael Ramirez and Guy Gilchrist. 

Rachel Kochman, Larry Katzman and Charlie Kochman.

Alex and Ken Krimstein.

Love it! The title of Mark Anderson's presentation: "I Don't Know, Give It a Try, See What Happens." 

Roz Chast had to be in Chicago, and could not be in DC for the Reubens festivities. She prerecorded an acceptance speech which was sweet and funny. She began by thanking cartoonist Bill Woodman for his description of the "blazing field of white," describing the blank sheet of paper. 

And, finally, I'll close with this graphic from the C and J Portsmouth-to-NYC Bus graphic which seems to concern BREAKING BAD's Walter White's bathroom habits. 

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Brian Fies said...

Thanks for the report and pictures. Nice to see a few friends and people I know there! And I hope Mark's entire presentation was just that single slide, because I think that's pretty much the answer to every question that could possibly arise.