Monday, June 22, 2015

TAKE A LETTER YOURSELF! Drawings by Frank Modell

This 1982 TAKE A LETTER YOURSELF! book was written as a tongue in cheek guide for female secretaries to deal turn the tables on the white males in power. It was written by Kathy Matthews and illustrated by the great cartoonist Frank Modell. It's copyright both of them, and was published by Ballantine.

The energy in Mr. Modell's line is what captivated me to buy this book from a second-hand dealer in Bristol, NH. Actually, the book was in a large shelf on the second floor of a barn.

What I like is that you can see the speed in which Modell is drawing. Sometimes the ink can't catch up! And sometimes you can see some of the light pencil construction lines in the wash drawings.

This is what great cartooning looks like: vital, energetic and fun. These are just a few of the drawings from the book.

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