Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Try Stretching MaineDOT Sign

A "Try Stretching" sign at a Maine Welcome Center.

There were several of these in the parking lot. The bad drawing was what caused me to snap this photo. I posted it on Facebook and someone commented that the guy looked like Gort from THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL movie (the old one). It's just odd-looking. Maybe it was traced. It doesn't even look like a person.

And the helpful sign's disclaimer ("MaineDOT assumes no liability for personal injuries sundered by travelers who try the exercise") was priceless.

Welcome to Maine from Gort who assumes no liability for you doing what he's doing on the official state sign here. Have a nice day.


Brian Fies said...

"Klaatu barada niktoohhhh my back!"

Trade Loeffler said...

New Jersey Transit has signs at the train stations to help prevent suicide, unfortunately the drawings look similar to this in that they're faceless outlines like this one. For some reason, faceless people make me really depressed.