Monday, December 07, 2015

Revell: The Dr. Seuss Zoo

Back in 1959, Revell Plastics made a series of Dr. Seuss' creature model kits. Titled "Dr. Seuss' Zoo," the kits debuted with four model kits.

My friend Scott Shaw just told me about these. The original four were:

"They were 'Gowdy The Dowdy Grackle'; 'Norval The Bashful Blinket'; 'Tingo The Noodle-Topped Stroodle"'; and 'Roscoe The Many-Footed Lion.' Each of these kits consisted of colorful plastic parts that were interchangeable with one another."

The next year, the original four were reissued and two more were added. These are highly collectable now. The darn thing is that none of these Seuss Zoo animals ever appeared in a Seuss story.

Here are some photos culled from the Web of these Seuss Zoo creatures, each designed by Dr. Seuss himself.

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