Wednesday, December 09, 2015

WABC 7 Video: Helping a Cartoonist's Widow Waiting for Royalties

Aaron Bacall may have passed away last June, but his cartoons live on, generating income. Or at least they are supposed to.

His widow, Linda, phoned WABC's "7 On Your Side" when she had problems getting money from The New Yorker's CartoonBank for her late husband's cartoon residuals.

Nina Pineda of WABC's "7 On Your Side" picks up the story and got action:

"They didn't pay," she said. "And not only the money, I kept calling and they never called back. I got very upset, because I want to keep his work alive. His work is so wonderful. I didn't want to let it go." 
So we called the New Yorker on the widow's behalf, and Linda got a call back the next day. 
"Finally, I heard from them, which was only a result of Channel 7," Linda said. "All of a sudden, the guy I was trying to reach called me back and said sorry, (for the) misunderstanding." 
Linda said her contact apologized for the two-week royalty payroll delay, and within days, she received $414. 
"Without WABC, 7 On Your Side, this moment would not have happened," Linda said. "The check is the pat on the head, and that's what he wanted. He always wanted a pat on the head." 
Conde Nast, the parent company of the New Yorker, disputed Bacal's claims. 
"Ms. Bacal's payment was delivered on schedule, less than a month after she received the royalty statement that prompted payment," a representative said in a statement to Eyewitness News. "Payment was not two weeks late, nor was it the result of your inquiry. To report anything otherwise would be inaccurate."

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