Tuesday, March 01, 2016

"Best of The Post: The 1930s" THE SATURDAY EVENING POST January 2, 1960 Part Two

Above: a 1938 George Price cartoon that originally ran in the POST.

The reason I bought this SATURDAY EVENING POST was for its "Special 12-Pages Album of Post Cartoons" feature.  Here are some of the cartoons by Whitney Darrow, Jr., George Price, E. Simms Campbell, Ludwig Bemelmans, Carl Anderson, Colin Allen and others, that originally appeared in the POST in the 1930s.

Just look at the more lush, illustrative style here. The jokes might be creaky or even incomprehensible to 21st century types, but they are terrific to look at.

Below: I like the proto-Henry in the cartoon by Carl Anderson:

Below: The context is: The young woman is confusing the poet Walt Whitman with the then-popular bandleader Paul Whiteman.

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Unknown said...

Anybody ever make a list f all the places (mags/ads)
that Webb's Mountain Boys appeared over the decades?