Monday, March 21, 2016

Why Are More Cartoon Illustration Exhibition Entries Being Stolen?

On Friday, I wrote about Elena Ospina and her art being stolen and repurposed by a man for, of all things, as a cartoon entry for the Women's Rights Cartoon Exhibit. This was done without her knowledge or permission. The stolen art was signed "Mario Russo."

My thanks to Jamie Smith, who found a couple more examples. Here's Jamie:

"Cursory browse reveals a couple entries from Mario Russo to the 2015 International Aylan Cartoon Illustration Exhibition: a Google Image search on one panel reveals it to have been ripped off from a Deviant Art portfolio by artist "asprin0" (note blatant signature + copyright removal)."
Link to entry:

Link to original creator portfolio:

"... Aaand the other one too:"

Mike Cstod Peterson talks about all this at his Comic Strip of the Day blog: Perseverance, Perserveration and Not-So-Great Expectations.

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