Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The Junior Fire Marshal Magazine Fall 1962

Here's another great piece of mid century advertising cartooning by an anonymous cartoonist for The Hartford. The Junior Fire Marshal Magazine was a freebie magazine issued to kids (probably thru schools; see "Monday" panel on the above cover) that focused on fire safety.

The mascot is "Johnny Hartford." There are also articles, like a check off home fire safety list, and articles like "Every Day Safety in Hazardtown." There is always a comic story about Johnny Hartford, who gets to have adventures, tell people what to do and be on stage. He's always in the spotlight and loving it. Here is the Fall 1962 2-page comic book story. Again, no art credit but it sure looks familiar.

The Junior Fire Marshal Magazine Christmas 1957


Larry Rippee and Molly Rea said...

Geez, do these Junior Fire Marshall posts bring back memories. I melted my offical Jr Fire Marshall plastic helmet while 'observing' an ash can fire.

Seeing this stuff again I really wonder who did the comics.



Allan Holtz said...

Interior art whispered "Henry Boltinoff" to me, but my hearing's not the greatest.

--Allan Holtz

Mic said...

Artwork reminds me of Roy Doty - but not so sure it's him either.

Gary Fields said...

Hey Mike,
Great stuff that most of us have never ever seen! Do you think it's Frank Johnson? It's got that Mort Walker "bigfoot" style that he was so great at doing!

Buzz Dixon said...

I'm leaning towards Doty, too

Katherine Collins said...

It's certainly the "Mort Walker School", which maybe should be the "Walker-Browne" school.