Wednesday, December 14, 2016

1975: "BUCK ROBINSON IN THE 25TH CENTURY: The Cartoonist of the Future" by Jerry Robinson

Above: art by Jerry Robinson for the National Cartoonists Society predicting the future from 1975.

"The picture above shows how one cartoonist functions in the 25th century. He is seen creating his dally feature. Actually, he simply reads fro m a list of possible objects, such as fire hydrants, waste baskets, cannons, typewriters, bombs, hats, flags, etc. His lovely assistant is at the Cartoon Console. All 25th century cartoonists have computer experts instead of  inkers, pencillers, letterers, gag-men, ghosts, etc. They are usually stunning creatures as the cartoonist can assemble his own -- by computer of course."

From this 1975 issue of the National Cartoonists Society mag THE CARTOONIST:

Here's a  tongue in cheek look at how a cartoonist would be doing his or her job in the 25th century:

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Gerry said...

Great letter from new president Hogarth. Very perceptive and forward thinking, and intersting to read about the churn in the profession that was happening even then. It's a little scary that it's historical AND happened in my lifetime!