Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dick Buchanan's Cartoon File: Wordless Gag Cartoons 1944-1964.

Thanks to Friend-of-this-blog Dick Buchanan, he has wandered the dusty piles of his old magazines and scanned in a selection of fifteen cartoons without words and shared them with us. Take it away, Dick!


At one time or another several magazines had a feature titled “Too Funny for Words” featuring cartoons without captions. Here are some cartoons that fall into that special category--some amusing if not necessarily “too funny” cartoons by some of the best cartoonists of their time.

1. AL ROSS. For Laughing Out Loud. July-September, 1963

2. GEORGE la MENDOLA (George Dole). 1000 Jokes Magazine. Fall, 1950

3. CORKA. (Jon Cornin & Zena Kavin) Liberty. August 10, 1946

4. CLYDE LAMB. Judge. October 1953

5. TOM HENDERSON. Collier’s. July 8,1955

6. VIRGIL PARTCH. Liberty. September 9, 1944

7. TON SMITS. 1000 Jokes Magazine. March-May, 1962

8. CEM (CHARLES E. MARTIN) The Saturday Evening Post. September 29, 1962

9. CHARLES ADDAMS. True Magazine. October 1949

10. BOB BARNES. 1000 Jokes Magazine. Fall, 1950

11. JOHN GALLAGHER. Collier’s. March 16, 1953

12. HENRY SYVERSON. Look Magazine. January 28, 1964

13. PETER PORGES. The Saturday Evening Post. September 29,1962

14. STAN HUNT. 1000 Jokes Magazine. May-July, 1955

15. CLYDE LAMB. 1000 Jokes Magazine. Summer, 1951

FYI: In May, 1955, The Gag Re-Cap (a publication for cartoonists and gag writers covering major magazines) reported 
that out of 94 magazines there were 924 cartoons published, of which 20% were no caption gags—194 to be exact..


Thanks, Dick, for this amazing selection.

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Van said...

Very interesting. As a comparison there are 54 captionless cartoons in the December 2016 New Gag Recap out of
547 cartoons (10%) from 55 magazines.
To break it down even more there are only 16 completely wordless cartoons.