Wednesday, February 08, 2017

July 14 - July 21, 1962 SATURDAY EVENING POST Cartoons

Snowed here yesterday, and today's it's almost 50 degrees. Then, 8 more inches tomorrow and we are back below freezing for the time being. So ... it's nice to see this Post cover reminding me of a sweet, old timey vacation.


George Hughes paints this cover to the July 14-July 21, 1962 SATURDAY EVENING POST. Mr. Hughes would paint 115 POST covers for fourteen years beginning in 1948. He was its most prolific cover artist. This would be his next to last cover commission (the final one would come nine years later, in 1971) as the magazine transitioned into using more and more photographs.

Here are all of the cartoons from this issue:

We begin with a topper by Henry Syverson:

Jack Markow with an animal gag:

The prolific Bil Keane, who was in the early years of producing his FAMILY CIRCUS panel, was still creating gag cartoons:

Below: a great Jerry Marcus gag.

Boris Drucker:

And we finish with another unsigned illustration by Syverson:

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Mike these are a riot. Keep posting. The tree, the pottery, the island -- very nice.

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