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Dick Buchanan's Cartoon File: Funny Vintage Magazine Gag Cartoons 1946 - 1963

Dick Buchanan, whose trove of great old gag cartoons has been featured here before, has some of what he calls his "funny ones:" sixteen magazine cartoons that were just funny to him.

Here's Dick:

Greetings once more from Greenwich Village. As chance would have it, while cleaning up after the holidays, I found a folder marked “Funny Cartoons” stuffed under the cushions of my couch. I was skeptical, but after leafing through them I found that quite a few pretty funny at that.

Thanks to the miracle of digital technology beyond my understanding, here are some of my favorites from Funny Cartoons. 

AL JOHNS. The Saturday Evening Post February 9, 1963


HARRY MACE. American Magazine. March, 1951

BORIS DRUCKER. Drucker’s cartoons began appearing in major magazines in the 1940’s. Collier’s. December 14, 1946

JACOBSON. The Saturday Evening Post. June 14, 1947

JOHN DEMPSEY. Either you think this cartoon is funny, or you don’t.1000 Jokes Magazine, December,1956-February,1957

JOHNNY HART. Hart was a top gag cartoonist before his comic strip B.C. debuted in 1958. American Legion Magazine. July, 1958

DAVID LANGDON. Punch stalwart Langdon often contributed to American publications over the years. A clever gag from The Saturday Evening Post. 1950’s. 

AL KAUFMAN. American Legion Magazine. August,1958

GAHAN WILSON. Early Gahan Wilson at his best. Look Magazine. April 16, 1957

JOHN GALLAGHER. Colliers. January 7, 1957

VAHAN SHIRVANIAN. Shirvanian’s cartoons appeared everywhere from Highlights for Children to Playboy. American Legion Magzine. December, 1958

ALI. (ALFRED ISLER) Isler’s cartoons first appeared in the 1930’s. The Saturday Evening Post September 29,1962

GARDNER REA. Colliers. March 28, 1953

JERRY MARCUS. American Legion Magazine. November, 1958 

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