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All of the Cartoons from the October 20, 1962 Saturday Evening Post

Here are all of the cartoons from the October 20, 1962 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. It's copyright that year by the Curtis Publishing Co.

Above: a letter about a Harry Mace cartoon about trading stamps from a previous issue that was quoted in a letter from housewife in Michigan. Mace and fellow cartoonist Jack Tippit collaborated on the syndicated cartoon panel "Amy," which debuted that year. Mace left the feature after three years. Tippit continued Amy, sometimes called "Our Girl Amy," until 1991.  He won the National Cartoonists Society Newspaper Panel Strip Division Award in 1970.

But I digress. Here are the cartoons (with a few more of my digressions), perhaps unseen since their initial publication. You will notice some old gag cartoon tropes here: father ordering unwed daughter and baby out of the house; desert island; husbands calling their wives fat; drunkenness; a talking animal; a housebroken animal -- and maybe a few more.

The Post at this time had a page of cartoons (and one poem) under this "Post Scripts" banner by Henry Syverson. The characters changed with every issue, but Syverson drew them all. In addition to this page's collection of gag cartoons, there were some other gag cartoons sprinkled throughout the magazine. 

Herbert Goldberg:

Jack Tippit:

Jon "CorKa" Cornin. "Using the pseudonym CorKa, he and his wife Zena Kavin produced cartoons for Saturday Evening Post and the New Yorker ...." -- Who's Who in American Art quoted at the Jon (Corka) Cornin (1905-1992) site.

Henry Boltinoff:

Chon Day:

Mischa Richter:

Ed Dahlin:

Walt Wetterberg:

Scott Taber was born in Illinois, but by the 1950s, this prolific gag cartoonist was living in Northport, NY, a Long Island Railroad commute away from the NYC gag cartoon markets. Daughter Joan Taber writes a wonderful blog "Family Stories." Take a look at this one about her father meeting George Booth. 

John Albano:

My friend, the great Don Orehek:

Ned Hilton:

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Anonymous said...

Scott Taber would later use the psuedonyms "Val Valentine" and "Scotty" for his gag cartooning (with a dramatic change in style as well), active as recent as the late 90's until his death a few years back.