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Dick Buchanan's Cartoon File: More Mid-Century Gag Cartoons 1946 - 1964

My friend Dick Buchanan has some more great gag cartoons for us to peek at. Pretty much all of these were seen that one time, when they were published, and then ... well ... NOW. Thanks to Dick for all of his scanning and research. These are wonderful! Take it away, Mr. Buchanan:


As one might imagine, the Dick Buchanan Cartoon Clip File contains more cartoons than you can shake a stick at. Many of them are just the kind you’d like to shake a stick at.

Here are some of each. All in good fun, as usual.

VAHAN SHIRVANIAN. 1000 Jokes Magazine. March-May, 1963.

JOHNNY HART. American Legion Magazine. April, 1955.

PORGES. Peter Paul Porges. True Magazine. August, 1961.

PERRY BARLOW. Look Magazine. June 20, 1961.

 JOHN DEMPSEY. For Laughing Out Loud. April–June, 1964

NED HILTON. True Magazine. April, 1946.

ADOLPH SCHUS. Adolph Schus began cartooning in the 1920’s. He was cartoon editor of Pageant. Collier’s. April 3, 1948.

CHARLES SAXON. In the 1940’s Saxon edited 1000 Jokes Magazine while freelancing part-time. His first New Yorker sale came in 1956. Liberty. December 28, 1946.

LEE LORENZ. Look Magazine. October 24, 1961.

CHARLES RODRIGUES. The Saturday Evening Post. July 10, 1954.

 SALO ROTH. American Legion Magazine. August, 1947.

CEM. Charles E. Martin. Collier’s. January 6, 1956.

JEFF KEATE. 1000 Jokes Magazine. September-November, 1964.

GARDNER REA. 1000 Jokes Magazine. September-November, 1963. 

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