Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Michael Dooley: "Valérian: The Rich Graphic Novels Behind the Film"

Luc Besson's big science fiction movie Valérian opens this week. Valérian is based on a successful series of 21 graphic albums published from 1967 to 2010 that were written by Pierre Christin and drawn by Jean-Claude Mézières. It's in the top five all-time Franco-Belgium sellers by its European publisher Dargaud. Some of the stories were reprinted in America in Heavy Metal, and a couple of the books are available in English translations.

Michael Dooley, writing for Print Magazine, reminds us of the French graphic albums' rich visuals in his new article "Valérian: The Rich Graphic Novels Behind the Film."

He also touches on it many visual elements that seem to have been borrowed by the Star Wars films. A good read with plenty more visual samples. Go see.

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