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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Show Business Gag Cartoons 1945 - 1962

Here it is Friday and time to think about the weekend and what movies and shows there are to see. Entertainment is where it's at, gang! And here's Dick Buchanan with a selection of vintage show business cartoons for your amusement. Happy weekend and thanks, Dick, for these great scans of great magazine panels.



(1945 – 1962)

Make no mistake, there’s no business like show business. And show business has always been a popular topic of gag cartoonists. In fact, “There’s no business like shows business” is one of the most used captions. With that in mind, direct from Cartoon Clip File, located somewhere scenic Greenwich Village, is a selection of show business cartoons. “There’s no cartoons like show business cartoons!”

1. JERRY MARCUS. 1000 Jokes Magazine 1950’s.

2. JOE ZEIS. The Saturday Evening Post January 25, 1958.

3. THURSTON GENTRY. Collier’s November 10, 1945

4. GEORGE SPROD. Punch November, 1954.

"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?"
5. DICK STROME. American Legion Magazine 1948.

6. BRAD ANDERSON. The Saturday Evening Post September 28-August 4, 1962.

7.  PORGES, American Legion Magazine, May 1956.

8. IRWIN CAPLAN. American Legion Magazine April, 1953.

9. BILL POLVOGT. The Saturday Evening Post 1950’s.

10. LESLIE STARKE. The Saturday Evening Post July 18, 1953.

11. JERRY MARCUS. American Legion Magazine June, 1962.

12. DICK CAVALLI. 1000 Jokes Magazine September-November, 1956.

13. CHARLES E. MARTIN (CEM). Collier’s January 6, 1956.

14. DICK OLDDEN. The Saturday Evening Post. October 26, 1963.

15. IRWIN CAPLAN. The Saturday Evening Post 1950’s

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