Monday, March 04, 2019

Help Gahan Wilson

Very sad news about the state of Gahan Wilson's health. Please consider helping this great cartoonist at this time.

Paul Winters has the details:

Sad news. Gahan's wife of 53 years, Nancy Winters, passed away March 2, 2019.

More sad news is that Gahan is suffering from advanced dementia. We were keeping his condition private for many reasons.

My mother, his wife, was his rock and his guide through the world. With her passing, he is lost and devastated.

We must raise some immediate funds to find him some memory care until we can set him up at our new place in New Mexico.

We have set up a gofundme for Gahan if any one wants to help out. Memory care is crazy expensive and if we could pay for it ourselves, we would do so.

Over the years, Gahan gave me a big collection of his cartoons. I will sell the whole collection as one, or piece by piece if anyone wants to help out in that way. We have pieces ranging from $125.00 for a print on up to the thousands. My interest is to help Gahan live the rest of his life in as wonderful a fashion as possible.

They had a wonderful life together. It is this last turn that is so sad.

Please contact me at if you wish to buy an original cartoon.

Thank you,

Paul Winters

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