Monday, June 17, 2019

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Magazine Gag Cartoons 1950 - 1972

Here is a batch of cartoons from Dick Buchanan's magazine Cartoon Clip File that were boxed and put out of the way for a long time. He just found them, and they have aged like fine wine! Thanks and take it away, Dick!


(1950 – 1972)

Simply, these cartoons were culled from The Cartoon Clip File, housed somewhere in the friendly confines of New York’s Greenwich Village. These cartoons had been neatly tucked away in a box labeled NOT FILED. Upon closer inspection it was discovered many had not been filed for good reason. But imagine our surprise when we found some to be quite amusing and others which were flat out funny!  We probably won’t ever get around to filing them but are happy to share them . . .

1.  GEORGE BOOTH.  True Magazine  February, 1970.

2.  AL JOHNS.  The Saturday Evening Post July 11, 1959.

3.  HANK KETCHAM.  Collier’s June 17, 1950.

4.  BOB TUPPER.  1000 Jokes Magazine  March-May, 1963.

5.  ROBERT DAY.  Collier’s November 18, 1950.

6.  JOHNNY HART.  American Legion Magazine  February, 1956.

7.  CHARLES RODRIGUES.  Look Magazine  February 10, 1970.

8.  FRANK ELKIN.  Collier’s  July 22, 1950.

9.  L. L. (Lawry) SIGGS.  Punch  December 12, 1951.

"Very well then, hands up all those who propose to become birds."

10.  STAN HUNT.  For Laughing Out Loud  October-December, 1956.

11.  FRANK RIDGEWAY.  American Magazine  August, 1956.

12.  VIRGIL PARTCH.  Collier’s  September 9, 1950.

13.  HERB WILLIAMS.  American Magazine  February, 1950.

14.  JOSEPH KIERNAN.  Cracked Magazine  June, 1966.   

15.  JOHN GALLAGHER.  The Saturday Evening Post  August 28, 1962.

16.  BILL HOEST.  True Magazine  February, 1972. 


Rod McKie said...

Super stuff, Mike. Nice to see some oldies by comic strippers, and Booth and Rodriguez are always a treat.

Mike Lynch said...

Very kind of you to say, Rod. Thanks!