Friday, June 14, 2019

Video: Warner Bros. Releases First Short From Its ‘Cartoonist-Driven’ Looney Tunes Revival

New Bugs Bunny cartoons? 100 minutes of NEW Looney Tunes cartoons? ALL NEW CARTOONS? Yes, yes and yes. Count us all in.

Here's Cartoon Brew with the news:

"[Thursday], in Annecy, France, Warner Bros. Animation premiered its raucous new slate of Looney Tunes shorts, screening more than 10 of them in front of a packed house of 1,000 enthusiastic festival attendees. The program was introduced by WBA’s vp of series Audrey Diehl, joined by executive producer Pete Browngardt and supervising producer Alex Kirwan who about the production process of the new shorts in between the screening of the films.

"After the presentation, the short Dynamite Dance, directed by David Gemmill, debuted online:"

Cartoon Brew has more information here

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