Friday, September 27, 2019

Gary Larson's THE FAR SIDE Returning

Gary Larson's Universal Press Syndicate panel "The Far Side," which originally ran from 1980 to 1995, is coming back.

Mr. Larson has posted the above graphic to his Far Side site.

Uncommon, unreal, and (soon to be) unfrozen.
A new online era of The Far Side is coming! 

No further information about when and how the surrealistic comedy panel, which won National Cartoonists Society awards for Best Panel as well as the Reuben Award, will return.


DBenson said...

The mockumentary series "Documentary Now" did an episode titled "Searching for Mr. Larson: A Love Letter from the Far Side". The premise is a superfan documenting his personal quest to meet his reclusive idol Gary Larson. Larson evidently didn't participate in or approve the "Documentary Now" episode, but the fact that it came out this year seems a lucky bit of synergy for both parties.

Mike Lynch said...

Wow. I did not know that! Thanks.