Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Some Photos of My Teaching Set Up

Just thought you would enjoy a peek at the Zoom set up for my classes this semester. I've blurred out the faces of the students for anonymity's sake. The other students keep their cameras off, with some putting up an avatar of their pet or a cartoon drawing. This is the way it was all semester, three classes of History of Comics and the History of Political Cartoons since August. The semester was shortened due to covid.

This is the set up: what I see when I teach (my desk and computer) and what I look like when I teach. 


Those long strings on the window are to deter bird crashes! I graded papers all weekend and was finally done late Sunday. Behind me, some books on my board: John Gnagy's Learn to Draw; Krazy: George Herriman a Life in Black and White by Michael Tisserand; Kent State by Derf Backderf.

Grading finals and essays took three days, but it's over now. The shortened semester officially closed Sunday night at 11:59. It was a blast, but I miss getting to know the students in a real-life classroom. 

And my thanks to all of the industry pros who dropped by (virtually) to talk about the comic arts world. So far, I've been fortunate to have these great people speak live, one on one to the students:

Steve Brodner, the multi award-winning satirical caricaturist whose work appears in The New Yorker, The Nation and other outlets;

  • Liza Donnelly of The New Yorker and CBS Sunday Morning;

  • Greg Fox, whose gay-themed comic strip "Kyle's B&B" has been a Lambda Literary Award Finalist;

  • Linnette Moore, a trans cartoonist whose graphic novel "The Prisoner of Silverstone: will be out from Abrams in 2021;

  • Brian Fies, award-winning graphic novelist;

  • Jim Salicrup, former Marvel Comics editor and current editor of the Young Adult graphic novel imprint Papercutz;
  • Ali Solomon, a New Yorker cartoonist and illustrator;

  • Due to schedule constraints, the Pulitzer Prize award winning editorial cartoonists Ann Telnaes and Signe Wilkinson were not able to be part of the class, but have said they would love to be asked for 2021.

Thank you, one and all!


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