Friday, November 20, 2020

Video Preview: Laurel or Hardy: Early Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Flicker Alley has put together a new cleaned up Blu-ray collection of the Laurel and Hardy short films before Laurel and Hardy met titled "Laurel or Hardy: Early Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy." I laughed out loud at a number of bits -- and then watched in wonder/horror at the final gag with Stan Laurel. Wow.

Personal note ....

It's the end of a shortened-due-to-Covid semester and I am grading papers and finals all day. Except for a brief Zoom call with an old friend who lives overseas, it's all day work. The comic arts majors at the New Hampshire Institute of Art at New England College are mighty and many! See you next week.


DBenson said...

Kino's "Slapstick Symposium" DVD series includes an Oliver Hardy collection and two volumes of Stan Laurel, but there seems to be minimal overlap with this Flicker Alley set. They don't include the clips shown here, and I know I'd remember that Stan Laurel bit!

Trust you know Charley Chase. His silent two-reelers for Hal Roach are available from Kino and others. His long-unavailable Hal Roach talkies have been released by Kit Parker Films, along with those of Thelma Todd (teamed with Zasu Pitts and then Patsy Kelly) and Harry Langdon.

There's also a restored version of "When Comedy Was King", an intensely nostalgic compilation for anybody who first found out about silent comedy from a television viewing.

Mike Lynch said...

Wow. Thanks for al this good info! Much appreciated.