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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Cops and Robbers Gag Cartoons 1939 - 1969

Dick Buchanan has graciously shared some vintage police and perpetrators cartoons from his stacks and stacks of vintage gag cartoons today. These are a lot of fun, and I enjoyed them a lot. And it was great to see some fellow Berndt Toast Gang members (Dan Danglo and Bill Hoest) in the mix. I laughed out loud at Larry Reynolds' "Butch" cartoon and really loved the wordless one by Robert Day. Chon Day's is, as usual, a howler. Thanks and take it away, Dick!



1939 - 1967

The Cartoon Clip File is the repository of a great many gag cartoons dealing with the humorous side of crime. Here are a few we have recently officially certified as Vintage Gag Cartoons.

1. GEORGE SHANE. American Legion Magazine January, 1946.

2. BO BROWN. Brown was in law school when he sold two cartoons to The Saturday Evening Post and decided to become a gag cartoonist. American Legion Magazine July, 1963.


3. CHON DAY. The Saturday Evening Post March 27, 1948.


4. DAN DANGLO. Danglo was a cartoonist and animator who worked for Terrytoons, Warner Bros. Animation and Hanna Barbera. 1000 Jokes Magazine Spring, 1947.


5. DICK CAVALLI. Richard Cavalli was a commercial illustrator and cartoonist who created the comic strip Morty Meekle and its successor, Winthrop. The Saturday Evening Post January 29, 1953.


6. JOE ZEIS. The Saturday Evening Post October 30, 1954.


7. JACK TIPPIT. Tippit received the National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award for Amy in 1970. He also received the Society's Gag Cartoon Award for 1963 and 1966. The Saturday Evening Post May 25, 1957.


8. TOM HENDERSON. The Saturday Evening Post January 15, 1949.


9. LARRY REYNOLDS. Early appearance of the inept criminal who earned his own panel Butch which ran for more than 25 years in Collier’s and later Look Magazine. Collier’s December 23, 1939.


10. ROBERT DAY. Day was a long-time contributor to The New Yorker, with his drawings and eight covers appearing from 1931 to 1976. This Week Magazine February 12, 1956.


11. MISCHA RICHTER. Richter received the National Cartoonists Society’s Advertising and Illustration Award for 1979 and their Gag Cartoon Award for 1974. Collier’s April 16, 1954.


12. GEORGE HAMILTON GREEN. Collier’s November 24, 1951.


13. LESLIE STARKE. Starke began drawing while in the R.A.F. and became a full-time artist in 1946. Punch November 5, 1958.


14. BILL HOEST. Bill Hoest the creator of the gag panel series, The Lockhorns. American Legion Magazine March, 1967.


15. AL ROSS. Liberty Magazine July 21, 1945.


16. JAY IRVING. Irving’s gag cartoons featuring good-natured, rotund policemen appeared frequently in Collier’s and were the subject of many Collier’s covers in the late 1930’s. He created the comic strip Potsy in 1955. Collier’s December 23, 1939.


17. JERRY MARCUS. Collier’s April 5, 1952.


18. JO SPIER. Jo Spier was a Dutch journalist-cartoonist. He was one of the most notable book and advertising illustrators of his generation. Collier’s June 13, 1953.


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