Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Send Loving Thoughts to Sam the Cat

-20 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill today. Gorgeous view from my studio window. 

Sam the cat, who has been ill, sits on my warm laptop. He is uninterested in eating and it breaks my heart. (I’ve tried many foods and made chicken stock for him -- but nothing works.) He’s had some head colds but has bounced back. Not this time. He was at the vet’s Friday. Finally got a diagnosis on Sunday. He is anemic, which means he isn’t producing enough red blood cells. Causes could be cancer, liver failure. He is fading fast I’m sorry to say. 15 years is a good run, but I wish for more. I will again call the vet’s to ask what to do. A vitamin supplement? Appetite stimulant? I’m hopeful but also do not want him to suffer.



Van said...

Best wishes to Sam!

RoB said...

I hope for the best for Sam. Whatever happens, though, I think he knows he’s loved and taken care of. Take care,