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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Gag Cartoon Clip File 1946-64

Here are some mid-century cartoons that friend-of-this-blog Dick Buchanan "found interesting and amusing." This is a great selection of fifteen gag cartoons that probably have not seen the light of day since they were first published. These are from his personal clip file and Dick has cataloged them and made some notes. Below is some early work by Eldon Dedini, Edward Koren and Johnny Hart. Thanks for sharing these! Take it away, Dick!

TON SMITS. A cartoonist from the Netherlands, his work began appearing in American magazines in the mid 1950s. Always simple and endearing, this is from Look, March 28, 1961.

CHARLES ADDAMS. Collier’s, March 29, 1948.

CHON DAY. Collier’s, June 22, 1956

TOM HENDERSON. From The Saturday Evening Post, 1940’s. A wacky cartoonist & a master of slapstick . . .

 . . . Case Closed — TOM HENDERSON in Collier’s, January 13, 1951.

STAN FINE. American Magazine. May, 1954.

STAN HUNT in The Saturday Evening Post, April 18, 1953.

JOHNNY HART. His popular comic strip B.C. would debut in 1957. For Laughing Out Loud, Oct-Dec, 1956.

DICK CAVALLI. Collier’s, February 21, 1953.

CEM (Charles E. Martin) a full page For Laughing Out Loud, April-June, 1964.

AL ROSS. In the late 1950’s Al Ross, master of the zen cartoon, was at his best. For Laughing Out Loud, Apr-June, 1959.

 ELDON DEDINI. The New Yorker and Playboy magazine great with an early charcoal effort for JUDGE, March, 1946.

 ELDON DEDINI ten years later, in Collier’s, March 30, 1956.

EDWARD KOREN. For Laughing Out Loud, Oct-Dec, 1964.

 FRED LUNDY, March 30,1956. Just a silly cartoon, which is the the point.

Dick Buchanan: Some Favorite Magazine Gag Cartoons 1940-60s


-- Edited from a blog entry that originally ran on July 26, 2016.

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