Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Eisner Award Winners

The Eisner Award winners were announced on Friday and there are some amazing books that were nominated. 

Congratulations to all my friends and colleagues. The "Best Reality-Based Work" category was particularly tough, as I thought all were amazing. Anyway, here is a link to a list from The Daily Cartoonist. It's well worth snagging a couple of these, as I have, to support these kinds of amazing comic works.


Derf Backderf, who won for Kent State, wrote this on his Facebook page:


"Thanks for all the notes of congratulations, friends. There are too many across three platforms to respond to personally, but rest assured I’ve read every one and am incredibly grateful for the well wishes.
"Still processing this. Full disclosure: I fell asleep! It was a remote ceremony, Pacific Time, and I dozed off and awoke with a start at 2 am. Only then did I see the first congratulatory texts. Classic. My big moment and zzzzzz."


Gene Luen Yang, who won for Superman Smashes the Klan, shares a childhood memory. From his Facebook page:

"I've talked about this in other places. This is a vague and fuzzy memory, but when I was a kid, my family and I came across an exhibit of Superman memorabilia. In San Francisco, maybe? Maybe timed to coincide with the release of one of the Christopher Reeves movies?

"My parents, my younger brother, and I stood outside of the ticket booth talking in Mandarin. (I was young enough that I wasn't yet embarrassed by my parents' language.) My brother and I wanted to go in. My parents weren't so sure.

"The guy at the ticket booth watched us for a bit, then called us over, and handed us tickets for free with a smile. I don't remember what he looked like or really anything else about him, but I thought back to his kindness when I was working on Superman Smashes the Klan."

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