Tuesday, July 20, 2021

From the Dick Buchanan Files: The Old Joke Cemetary

Dick Buchanan has collected some twenty gag cartoon moldy oldies for your amusement. These are all culled from deep in his Greenwich Village cartoon file and are either vintage good or vintage bad jokes, depending upon your disposition. My thanks (?) to the "crackpot cartoon curator" for this! Take it away, Dick! (Honestly, a number of these seemed really funny to me.)


“Where the crab grass blooms again”

Here’s some of the vintage gag cartoons we recently snared in our recent old joke sting. Once captured, the old jokes are dusted off and herded into the Old Joke Cemetery. The best of these, or the worst, depending on your point of view, are displayed here. Rest assured many of these gags are even older than your friendly crackpot cartoon curator. That makes them genuine, certified and vintage. See for yourself . . .

1. CHON DAY. Look Magazine July 22, 1958.


2. BRAD ANDERSON. Look Magazine May 22, 1962.


3. GARDNER REA. True Magazine October, 1949.


4. GLENN BERNHARDT. American Legion Magazine March, 1964.


5. STEVE DUQUETTE. Collier’s April 18, 1953.


6. W. F. BROWN. 1000 Jokes Magazine December, 1956 – February, 1957.


7. JEFF KEATE. The Saturday Evening Post July 22, 1950.


8. AL KAUFMAN. Here! November, 1951.


9. WILLIAM O’BRIAN. Look Magazine July 16, 1963.


10. WALTER GOLDSTEIN. The Saturday Evening Post February 23, 1953.


11. ROY FOX. The Saturday Evening Post October 3, 1953.


12. J. G. FARRIS. Look Magazine June 17, 1967.


13. MORT TEMES. The Saturday Evening Post February 26, 1955.


14. BILL YATES. The Saturday Evening Post March 13, 1954.


15. BURR SHAFER. American Magazine April, 1955.


16. MONROE LEUNG. True Magazine April, 1960.


17. HERB WILLIAMS. The Saturday Evening Post April 6, 1957.


18. BOB ZAHN. This Week Magazine January 19, 1969.


19. LARRY REYNOLDS. Look Magazine May 15, 1956.


20. JOHN ART SIBLEY. Collier’s November 2, 1946.


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