Friday, August 06, 2021

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Always Good For a Chuckle Gag Cartoons 1947 - 1968

Today is Friday and today's intention is to "evoke a chuckle" with some good old fashioned magazine cartoons from the olde days of gag cartooning. These are all courtesy of mirth maker Dick Buchanan, who once more shares some of his Cartoon Clip File collection with all of us who need a laugh. Thanks, and take it away, Dick!


(Gag Cartoons 1947 – 1968)

“The gag cartoon is an illustration of a humorous nature, usually found in a magazine, which is intended to evoke a chuckle from the reader.” We found that definition somewhere long ago and scribbled down on an index card. We recently discovered the card stuck in an old magazine. And, what do you think? It just so happens that the Cartoon Clip File contains a number of illustrations of a humorous nature. Some of them may even evoke a chuckle. See for yourself . . .

1. ALEC. Punch February 4, 1953.


2. AL ROSS. Collier’s March 11, 1950.


3. CHARLES ADDAMS. True Magazine July, 1947.


4. ROY FOX. The Saturday Evening Post. October 28, 1950.

5. JACK TIPPIT. True Magazine August, 1961.


6. WILLIAMS (BILL) HEWISON. Punch 1953 Summer Number July 6, 1953.


7. PHIL INTERLANDI. True Magazine April, 1966.


8. ROBERT WEBER. Look Magazine November 3, 1964.


9. TOM HENDERSON. The Saturday Evening Post July 16, 1960.


10. SMILBY. (Francis Wilford-Smith) The Saturday Evening Post June 21, 1968.


11. TON SMITS. Look Magazine December 31, 1962.


12. IRWIN CAPLAN. This Week Magazine February 19, 1956.


13. L. H. SIGGS. The Saturday Evening Post October 28, 1950.


14. JAN & STAN BERENSTAIN. American Magazine March, 1951.


15. HICKEY. (George Hickson) Punch 1952 Summer Number May 26, 1952.


16. TED KEY. The Saturday Evening Post January 10, 1953.


17. CARL ROSE. This Week Magazine April 22, 1956.


18. ED FISHER. Look Magazine July 22, 1956.


19. TONY BARLOW. Collier’s April 16, 1954.


20. ELDON DEDINI. Look Magazine March 10, 1964.



Roadtrip 62 - Don said...

Love these compilations! I am an editor at the Grand Comics Database and find these very useful for identifying cartoonists. however, I am currently working on cataloguing a 1962 issue of True magazine and have a signature and artist I have not been able to identify. Is there a way I can send you a scan of the signature to see if you or someone else can help?
- Don

Mike Lynch said...

Oh, sure, Don. You can email me at mike at mikelynchcartoons dot com.