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Kremos AKA Niso Ramponi

Here are ten cartoons by Italian superstar cartoonist Niso Ramponi, AKA Kremos, a master of GGA (Good Girl Art).

"Sir, if you try to kiss me when go through the
tunnel, I will call for help."
But there isn't any tunnel on this line."
Then I won't call for help." 

I was first introduced to Kremos in Craig Yoe's ARF FORUM book) and Shane Glines' Cartoon Retro site.

"Who drove the auto?"
I, naturally. My husband can't drive."

Aside from his obvious talent at drawing voluptuous women, look at the way he composed the drawing above. From left to right: cop, girl, smashed car, husband. You have the whole story laid out. It's no wonder that he would later open an animation studio outside Rome.

"Either she gets undressed or I don't touch the case."

It's the physics of all that mass on those tiny highheels that fascinates me!

"I don't like to be followed, Mister. Walk in front of
me and wait for me on the corner."

Above: even though the background is made up of portions of items (corners of posters, a bit of a car, a building, a few squiggles for clouds), you get a strong sense of place.

"Doctor, today number 68 thinks he is Napoleon."
"You mustn't contradict him."
"I didn't contradict him, only he
thinks that I am Josephine."

The cartoons are from 2 books BEST CARTOONS FROM ABROAD 1955 AND BEST CARTOONS FROM ABROAD 1956, both edited by Lawrence Lariar and Ben Roth and copyright those years by same.

"Will you make up tour mind, Lana? It's already three
marriages that you've kept me waiting for your 'yes'!"

Niso Ramponi would, after years, eventually stop using the pen name "Kremos" to avoid confusion and possible litigation with an Italian artist of the same name.

"I didn't get the part. The director couldn't 
see my good points."

To paraphrase the Roger Rabbit line: the girls may not be bad, but they sure are drawn that way.

"But in this suit, Luigi, people won't think that you
married me only for my money?"

I see a little bit of Frank Thorne in some of the art, and that's high praise.

"You don't love me anymore, Billy. You named a
hurricane after another girl."

Sure, the jokes are not the best, but here's one where style overshadows the gag.

"It's all the fault of Pampa, Lillobrigida, and Sophia

Loren that men have become annoyed with our type."

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-- This was an edited version of a blog entry that originally appeared on November 4, 2008.

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