Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Some Gorgeous Midcentury Modern Eastern Bloc Designs Part Two

Continuing this series of scans of Midcentury Modern design graphics from the Czech Republic and Poland. The first part is here


Some hotels: Motel Devět Křížů, Hotel Racek, Hotel Fialka, SporthotelLivohost, Hotel Skoda, Hotel Zvikov, the Bohema, Hotel Breounka, Hotel Churanov, Beskydy-Horsky Hotel Razula:

Hotel Goral, Hotel Tokai, Hotel Druzba, Hotel Krivan, Hotel Tatran, Hotel Central, Hotel Tribec, Hotel Morske Oko, Hotel Poludnica, Hotel Dunaj. I did not Google these to see if they are still around!


Some Czech coats of arms.

I don't know enough Czech to know what these commemorate.

I do believe now that these are meant to be glued to matchboxes.

Animals -- mostly insects. And a cat who looks like he means business.

These are big scans, so if you click these open in a new window you can really get a look at them.

And a couple of "automoblikies."

Part one is here.

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