Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Dick Buchanan's Favorite Gag Cartoons 1946 - 1964

Dick Buchanan sent me an email with some choice cartoons that he likes the best. As ever, I am very happy (and thankful) to share Dick's colossal single panel cartoon collection. Thanks, Dick -- and everyone: sit back and enjoy these great gag cartoons:



1946 - 1964

Every once in awhile some asks me what some of my favorite cartoons are.  It’s usually me that asks--I talk to myself a lot.  But since the subject came up, I thought I we might take the opportunity to choose a few cartoons from the Clip File that are among my favorites. More mid-century mirth from some great cartoonists.

1. VIRGIL PARTCH. Collier’s February 16, 1946.

2. MELL LAZARUS. The Saturday Evening Post June 20, 1950.

3. SAM COBEAN. Take it from a guy who was actually a kid in 1947, NOBODY had
A haircut like that kid’s. Collier’s May 17, 1947.

4. SIDNEY HARRIS. 1000 Jokes Magazine March-May, 1965.

5. JOHN DEMPSEY. 1000 Jokes Magazine February-March, 1955.

6. JARO FABRY. Collier’s June 5,1948.

7.  TOM HENDERSON. The Saturday Evening Post June 17, 1961.

8. JOHN JARVIS. Collier’s August 21,1948.

9. LEW FOLLETTE. Liberty Magazine June 8,1946.

10. JERRY MARCUS.  American Legion Magazine  February, 1956.

11. IRWIN CAPLAN.  American Legion Magazine July,1946.

12. CLYDE LAMB. Boy’s Life January 1951.

13. TRACHTENBERG.  Collier’s August 21, 1948

14. MARTHA BLANCHARD. 1000 Jokes Magazine September-November, 1964.

15. CHARLES RODRIGUES. Cartoons & Gags  August,1960.

-- Edited from a blog entry of November 15, 2017.

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