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From the Dick Buchanan Files: New Yorker Cartoonists 1935 - 1962

Dick Buchanan has a twist. Here are some of the great, classic New Yorker cartoonists with some gag cartoons that you never saw. Well, to be more to the point, these were NEVER seen in The New Yorker, despite these cartoonists' association with the magazine.

If all of these cartoonists were under contract to The New Yorker at this time (Some may have been, some not, but I'm guessing most were.), then one of the caveats in the contract is that the Magazine gets "first look" at their cartoons. So, these were looked at by The New Yorker, but then rejected. No Sale. So, the cartoonist was free to shop them around, trying to sell them to another publication.

So here are some virtually unseen cartoons by Addams, Hokinson, Shermund, Steig, Steinberg, Chon Day, Whitney Darrow, Jr., and others from publications OTHER than The New Yorker. 

Take it away, Dick! (And, thanks!)



Some of the Cartoon Clip File’s favorite cartoonists are those who worked for The New Yorker. It was in the pages of The New Yorker in the 1930’s when the modern cartoon was crafted and perfected. Here, clipped from a variety of mid-century magazine, are some gag cartoons by some of our favorite New Yorker cartoonists . . .

1. CHARLES ADDAMS. True Magazine March 1946.

2. WHITNEY DARROW, Jr. Collier’s October 11, 1941.

3. CHON DAY. This Week Magazine November 26, 1961.

4. RICHARD DECKER. Look Magazine December 31, 1962.

5. ELDON DEDINI. Baseball Yearbook 1953

6. SYDNEY HOFF. 1000 Jokes Magazine Spring, 1953.

7. HELEN HOKINSON. Collier’s March 15, 1941.

8. GEORGE PRICE. Life Magazine January, 1935.

9. GARDNER REA. Look Magazine May 15, 1956.

10. AL ROSS. For Laughing Out Loud October – December, 1957.

11. BARBARA SHERMUND. Collier’s September 2, 1939.

12. WILLIAM STEIG. Collier’s February 4, 1941.

13. SAUL STEINBERG. Collier’s June 20, 1942.

14. RICHARD TAYLOR. March 15, 1941.

 15. GAHAN WILSON. Collier’s August 19, 1955.

- Edited from an April 6, 2020 blog entry.

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