Thursday, June 08, 2023

Podcast: Michael Emberley Talks About Ed Emberley "Don't Do It For the Fame"


Here's children's book creator Ed Emberley’s son, Michael, talking about, among other things, what it was like growing up with Ed Emberley working in the house. This is from the Fruitful Life podcast series.

Welcome to the Fruitful Life where we discuss the business of creativity. Michael Emberley has been an author and award winning illustrator of children's books for over 40 years. He is known for his humorous and sensitive picture books, such as Ruby, Welcome Back Sun, and I Did It!, as well as works of non fiction such as, The Message, The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Text Message, and It's Perfectly Normal (w Robie Harris).
Michael is well known for highly successful collaborating with well known authors such as former US children's poet laureate, Mary Ann Hoberman, on a series of innovative reading books, with Barbara Bottner on such titles as Miss Brooks Loves Books, as well as partnering with author Robie Harris on the series of ground breaking and now classic books on the facts of life. Check out his work here:


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