Monday, October 02, 2023

Al Capp on The Dave Garroway Show (1950)

Here's a live 1950 TV episode of Dave Garroway At Large, which, along with some bits and song and dance,  brings us Li'l Abner cartoonist Al Capp. Click here to get to the Capp segment, which is about 20:47 in. But you'll miss a couple musical numbers and some live TV gaffes and an enraged live Turkey. The Capp segment itself is rather short. We are told he's going to draw a character, but we see that the drawing has actually been finished beforehand and he's just adding a bit of hair. Ah well. His appearance bookends a live Li'l Abner skit. Capp returns at about the 27 minute mark and that's about it.


Via Moviecraft:

An entertaining visit with Dave Garroway in the early days of live TV from Chicago. Watch for the unintentional bloopers, like stagehands walking all over, shadows, and loud off stage noises! Dave takes everything in stride, although he states on the air “no more animals” when a live turkey gets loose and knocks him over! Al Kapp [sic] is guest introducing a funny Little Abner sketch. All this with a bevy of song and dance numbers. A single television camera, with Garroway walking among the sets casually, talking to the audience and guests, is know as the Chicago Style of live TV. The Chicago Style is improvisation, scriptlessness, and interpretive cameras. Cast includes Connie Russell, Jack Haskell, Bette Chapel, Cliff Norton, Jimmy Russell, Aura Vianio, Joseph Gallicchio and His Orchestra, the Hamilton Trio, and guest Al Capp. Commercials for Congoleum, makers of wall tile and linoleum floor coverings. Airdate November 19, 1950. Mastered from 16mm b-w film.


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