Tuesday, October 03, 2023

"TYDYT...TYT...TYT" Czech Children's Book Illustrations by Jan Kubicek

Kids' book "TYDYT...TYT...TYT" written by Jan Noha, illustrated by a Czech artist Jan Kubicek (1927-2013). Published by SNDK Praha 1962. I don't own this book, but nicked these photos from eBay.


"Jan Kubíček was a Czech painter and graphic designer, and one of the most radical Central European exponents of constructivist and concrete art. He also spent more than a decade illustrating children's books for Czechoslovakia's main publishing house Albatros and designed iconic film posters and book covers throughout the 1960s." - Wikipedia


Here are a few of his movie posters.


Galerie Miroslava Kubíka

His biography at Terry Posters 


- This has been a rerun of a March 11, 2022 blog entry.


James Conder said...

These are beautiful. Czech Illustrators have such a distinct style. HAve you ever seen the works of Miroslav Šašek?

Mike Lynch said...

Yes! Šašek is a midcentury master. One of many!