Monday, December 04, 2023

Christmas with Vintage Comic Strips and Cartoonists

Above: Polly and Her Pals Sunday page by Cliff Sterrett.

Merry Christmas from some great cartoonists and their creations!

Jack Markow:

Katy Keene comic book cover by Bill Woggon:

Steve Canyon and cast by Milton Caniff:

A 1967 Dennis the Menace comic book cover by Hank Ketcham (or, more likely, by one of his talented assistants):

Joe Palooka and Santa on the cover of Big Shot comics!

Otto Soglow's The Little King with a Christmas card:

1975 Mad Magazine cover by Norman Mingo:

Vintage Charles Schulz Peanuts comic strip wrapping paper via

Of course, a Red Ryder ad:

Stan Lynde's Rick O'Shay:

A 1960s Walt Disney Christmas Parade comic book cover:

Walt Kelly's Pogo Possum, back when it was a Dell comic book:

-- From a blog entry of December 2, 2017.

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top_cat_james said...

LOL You also reran this last year, and I commented that the DtM cover was by Owen Fitzgerald.