Thursday, July 20, 2006

From Sketch to Finish RESULTS

Hey, thanks fo playing the From Sketch to Finish game (yesterday's blog entry). Here are the results:




Of all of these, I was most surprised that the gorilla cartoon sold since it was based on the "not talking about the elephant in the room" kinda idea and I thought afterward (after I had mailed it to the Wall Street Journal, and after I could actually change it) that I should have drawn an elephant and the gag line should say elephant, but, well, you see, King Kong was opening than and I was trying to think of some King Kong cartoons. WSJ bought this weeks after KK had come and gone. Go figure.

The cryogenically freeze cartoon sold quickly enough, which was nice. But thanks to an editor/pal, I found out that it caused a criticism from a reader:

I didn't appreciate the warped joke cartoon .... People losing their jobs isn't something I find humorous in the least.

Well, you can't be funny to all the people all the time!

The busy work cartoon, which I personally like, is one that is maybe too mean to the boss (He really is deformed!)and too indicative of an ineffective work environment -- not something that business mags want to showcase. Maybe I can make the hands into turkeys and sell it for Thanksgiving.

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