Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sidney Smith, Frank Willard, Harold Gray, Walter Berndt in "From Trees to Tribunes" Short Film

The Internet Archive Web site, a repository for all kinds of films, has an 11 minute silent short from around 1931 about the Chicago Tribune. From Trees to Tribunes shows the day to day activities of that city's daily newspaper. Of particular interest are the cartoonists. Here they are, in order:

Now, all we see is these cartoonists at their desks with maybe a close-up of them drawing their strips. I know all of these names but have never put so many faces to so many names. Isn't great how everyone has a white shirt, stiff collar and tie? From the look of the film, as well as those fashions, I would guess that it's from the 1920s -- not 1931 as the site suggests.

Hat tip to my cartoonist friend Arnold Wagner!

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