Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stan Goldberg and Mike Lynch Talking Comics on "Artscene on Long Island" with Shirley Romaine

Stan Goldberg and Mike Lynch Talking Comics on "Artscene on Long Island" with Shirley Romaine

I was at the Cablevision offices in New Hyde Park yesterday for taping of the 30 minute "Artscene" program. It's been hosted by Shirley Romaine for years. Shirley interviewed me and my friend Stan Goldberg about being a cartoonist and we also plugged a gallery show of cartoonists coming up next month. More anon about the gallery show.

Above is Ms. Romaine and Stan G. in the green room. She's picking out some Archie material to showcase.

It's worth catching just for the lengthy introduction by Shirley of Stan Goldberg. Starting as a teenager working for Timely Comics, he has worked in all facets of the industry. He began by assisting Carl Burgos in the bullpen of what would become Marvel Comics. As the years passed, he drew and colored and kinked books. He even drew some then-risque cartoons for some of the men's magazines back in the day. Now he's best known for Archie Comics. One of its most prolific pencillers, he's been with the character for 40 years. Stan described the process of how a comic book is made; with a writer, then a penciller and then an inker.

During the program, we saw samples of his pencils, then saw a job with inks laid over the pencils. (Alas, not the same job. Stan was looking for such a thing but could not dig up such and regretted it.) He also showed a new project, Little Lin, a comic book for kids that you can only find via the Lindblad Expeditions company.

When it cam to me, I spoke about how I became a cartoonist. AS a kid I drew and drew, but I went into another profession/ I used to work as a college administrator -- but then I made the transition to a full-time freelancer. I talked about having to come up with at least 10 cartoons every week. I knew in my heart I could do the first 10 gags for that first week. But could I do the next 10 gags for the next week? And the third week? Scary!

"How do you do that?"

"I read the papers, watch C-Span and see all the things in the world that make me happy and all those things that frustrate me. Somewhere in the middle there is something funny."

Then Shirley showed some of my magazine cartoons and I talked about each one.

If you live in Long Island, here are the dates. I am looking for a tape of the show, which I do not have and, living in Brooklyn, will not see. Please let me know if you can tape it. Thanks.

The Cablevision program "Artscene with Shirley Romaine" air dates (revised as of 7/31/06):

Wednesday, August 9 at 5 pm on Channel 73

Friday, August 11 at 7pm on Channel 18

Saturday & Sunday, August 12 & 13 at 5:30 pm Channel 73
You can only see this if you have Long Island Cablevision. I'm trying to get a copy of the show from someone who has Long Island Cablevision. If I can, I will share it!

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