Monday, September 10, 2007

End of Marriage Leads to New Content in Revamped Strip

From Dave Astor at Editor & Publisher comes an article End of Marriage Leads to New Content in Revamped Strip. Dave writes about cartoonist at Lynn Johnston, her FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE strip and the impact of her real-life husband Rod leaving her this past April (!).

The recent "Liz & Anthony getting back together" storyline, perhaps the last original story arc for the long-running comic strip, has its critics.

Johnston said she reunited Elizabeth with Anthony partly because of advice from late "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. "'Sparky' accused me of having too many characters," she recalled with a chuckle. "'It's so confusing,' he said. He was right." So bringing back Anthony rather than introducing a new permanent love interest for Elizabeth made sense in that respect.

A timeline of the relationship has been posted on the FBorFW site.

Big hat tips to Dave Astor at E&P and Dirk Deppey.

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