Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TV Guide January 9-15, 1971 UPDATED

Here's a TV Guide I picked up in the local vintage shop last week.

We all know it's Andy Griffith on the cover. He's promoting his NEW ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, which co-starred Lee Meriweather and Anne Morgan Guilbert ("Milly Helper" from the DICK VAN DYKE SHOW). Andy's NEW ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW would last 3 episodes.

Anyway, it was ads like the one below that got me interested in sharing ....

Above: a full page color comic strip ad for Doral cigarettes. The cigarettes ruin Baldoni the Magician's act, but like a true addict he cannot hate his beloved ciggies for it.

Veteran British cartoonist Rowland B. Wilson's color art adds to this Hockey piece written by Red Smith. Nice to see art by a PLAYBOY and NEW YORKER cartoonist doing illustration. I wish this was done more today.

UPDATE from my friend and great cartoonist Orlando Busino:

It was good to see the illustration by Rowland B. Wilson. I just received a notice from his widow. He's one of four people to be honored at the Van Eaton Gallery in Sherman Oaks, Ca September 15 6 pm to 9 pm. The program is called DISNEY'S HEROES OF THE IMAGINATION . Free to the public.

For info :

A little ad for the Truth or Consequences show with a little cartoon drawing. I liked the 1970s lettering. Again: this is not something you'd see today. You'd see a photo of Bob Barker -- not a little cartoon, and that's our loss.

Another nice drawing and there is the eensiest signature on this, but I can't make it out. Again, another small example of hiring illustrators when a photo is usually used today.

UPDATE: Orlando Busino writes that the "eentsy" signature belongs to John Huehnergarth. Thanks, Orlando!

And, for so many, the best gatefold ever: your TV Guide crossword and a "Draw Bambi -- er -- I mean Winky" ad. Oo la la!

Easy to get sidetracked with 1970s technology ads. Large, bulky TVs in dark wood veneer cabinets were to be conspicuously consumed in this time period.

"Send no money!" The pre-iTunes world held the idea of taking your own music with you as still exotic and new. "Cassette snaps into top of player ... trouble-free ... no tape to touch ... no bulky cartridges .... weighs less than 3 pounds."

Above: Fashions that Ms. Loren is wearing. Are these in again?

And finally: a history making debut! ALL IN THE FAMILY's first episode premiered Tuesday January 12, 1971. Of course, it was opposite Julia Child flogging her Art of French Cooking book on BOOK BEAT and a couple of ho hum movies (Well, maybe that ASSAULT ON THE WAYNE TV movie with Leonard Nimoy and Joseph Cotton might be OK.), so it really was the best thing on. It would be a couple years before CBS placed the show on Saturday night for its killer Saturday night line up that included MARY TYLER MOORE, M*A*S*H and THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW.


Johnny C said...

I have several old TV Guides sitting around the house. Go figure.

I love to pick them on on a random night to see what would have been on that evening. One of my favorite shows I saw was one called International Airport. It was a live 15 minute show where people were interviewed as they got of the plane from O'Hare airport and asked questions about their trips. Can you imagine?!

Mark Anderson said...

God, they used to use some much art! Thanks for posting these!