Friday, November 04, 2011

Mike Lynch Cartoon in November 2011 FUNNY TIMES

I have a cartoon in the new issue of FUNNY TIMES. It accompanies an article by Roz Warren about divorce.


 I always liked the above gag. It's an old one.

I drew it in January 2005, but it was rejected by the major national markets (New Yorker, Harvard Business review, Barron's), It found a home in a corporate newsletter in the US, and in Prospect Magazine (UK), I sent it to Funny Times in 2009, where it waited in a drawer until the topic of divorce came up.


Kurt said...

Thanks again for suggesting I submit to Funny Times. It's nice to be in print.

isy said...

Hey Mike - I saw this one and loved it, but I didn't notice your signature. It's a great one.