Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EDIT: My Back Yard as STAR TREK Set

First thought of the day: I look out the window this morning (below) and, I swear, there is a thicket of grass growing in the back yard that looks like it's fresh from the set of the 1966 STAR TREK "The Man Trap" episode (above).

EDIT: My thanks to my pal Brian Fies (peek at the comments section) for letting me know that something caught his eagle eye in the above picture -- so he sent on the below enhanced photo:

Thanks, Brian!

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Brian Fies said...

Hey, Pal, I was going to accuse you of having an overactive imagination and maybe suggest you lay off Star Trek for a while, until something caught my eye in that picture you posted. I had to look real carefully to discern it; maybe you can see it better in this blow-up I made:

Don't go into the yard, Mike! And if Stacy approaches you seductively with a hungry yearning in her eyes, RUN!