Friday, February 10, 2012

Creig Flessel's 100th Birthday Drawings

Adrian Sinnott (illustrator/cartoonist/teacher/Chair of the Berndt Toast Gang) passes along a couple of drawings which celebrate Creig Flessel (1912-2008).

Above: Creig's last drawing of him and his grandson.

Creig is the golden age comics artist whose 100th birthday would have been February 2, 2012. A gallery show celebrated his life and career last month. These were all part of that show.

Below: the one and only Sandy Kossin salutes Creig Flessel:

Below: one of the great hand-drawn cards from the Berndt Toast Gang, which Creig once chaired. This one upon the occasion of Joe Giella's birthday:

Thanks, Adrian, for sharing all this! Wow!

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