Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Corporate Records Service Thinks I'm Stupid

Do you think I'm stupid?

The Corporate Records Service people do.

Here's the story:

One day I go out to get my mail ...

Here's a scan of a lovely robin's egg blue envelope I received last week. Look at that window with the cellophane and the eagle postage and the words "important" written in large letters.

I open is and see the below. (And I seethe when I see the below. Ha ha.) Anyway, this is the Annual Minutes Form where I have to tell them who are the shareholders, who is on the board of directors, etc. And I also have to send them $125.00 and a credit card number too.  I say "have to" because they cite some laws about it. 

Hmm ... maybe I can put a couple of the housecats on my board .... Why not? They love power. Makes 'em purr.

Well, I ain't stupid.

What the Corporate Records people don't cite is that fact that I can easily do a Web search for "Corporate Records Service" and figure out if this is all legit and I REALLY TRULY HAVE TO send them $125.00. 

New Hampshire says no. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts says it's not.  Ditto the Tennessee Secretary of State. And there's lots more. Plus: I found a guy who actually paid the $125 and now wants it back. 

Me? I'll sic the cats on 'em!


John Platt said...

There are all kinds of predatory companies like this. They send official-looking documents and try to make you think you owe them a fee related to your corporation, web domain, etc. They should all be shut down. I hope someone else who gets this letter finds your blog and knows they don't need to deal with these jerks.

Dan Reynolds said...

My question is, "Does it come with a self addressed return stamped envelope?" If it does, then what you do is send "something" back to them sealed up in their envelope. Maybe your cats have "something" they'd like to share. This may sound like I'm thinking outside the box, but, no...think INSIDE the box on this one. This way, you have complied with their orders to send "stuff" back to them, and they're not wasting the postage.
Essentially, you will be sending them back the same thing they sent you.