Monday, May 21, 2018

From the Dick Buchanan Files: Kid Stuff 1948 - 61

Mouthy, petulant kids! A comic staple since, really, the first comic strip, The Yellow Kid, and up through to Dennis the Menace and Calvin! And somewhere, under that kid behavior, shines a little insight into the adult world. Well, sometimes. Actually, a lot of times, they are just being kids.

Here is my friend Dick Buchanan with a collection of baby boomer gag cartoons from his large collection. Take it away, Dick -- and thanks for sharing! You're a good kid!



1948 - 1961

Almost everyone loves kids. After all, almost everyone was one. So it stands to reason that cartoons about kids would resonate with many. That’s why there’s a cartoon clip file simply titled “kid stuff.”

Many mid-century cartoonists made this genre a big part of their portfolio as they braved the editors on Wednesdays.

Here, handpicked haphazardly from the clip file is a sampling of cartoons by mid-century cartoonists who revealed how obnoxious and impossible kids actually can be — unless, of course, they’re your own. And, besides, as Art Linkletter said, “Kids are funny.”
1. BERENSTAIN Collier's 1950 Dec 16

2. DRUCKER The Saturday Evening Post SEP 1951 Dec 8

3. GALLAGHER The Saturday Evening Post SEP 1960 Oct 

4. HART  American Legion 1956 June

 5. CAPLAN American Magazine 1950 Jan

6. MARCUS Collier's 1950 April 1

7. KETCHAM  Collier's 1948 June 19

8. WALKER 1954 American Legion 1954 May

9. FINE Collier's 1951 October 13

10. KEY The Saturday Evening Post SEP 1952 Sept 27

11. MACE Look 1961 Apr 25

12. HOIFJELD Collier's 1952 March 29

13. HELLE American Legion 1954 APRIL

14. LAZARUS The Saturday Evening Post SEP 1950 June 20

 15. LAMB  American Legion  Jan 1953

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